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In 1857 Dr. J. Francis Churchill introduced the hypophosphites into medicine, proposing it as cure to for pulmonary tuberculosis (phthisis). He envisioned that the cause of the disease was insufficient oxygen in the tissue and that the use of hypophosphites would increase the amount of oxygen. Therefore, hypophosphites were widely used in pharmaceutical tonics etc, but later investigations proved it to be wrong. Today it is used as, for example, a food additive and in electroless nickel plating. Wintzell & Fried did not contributed to Dr. Churchill’s method, but we are contributing to the EU regulations by REACH registering sodium hypophosphite.

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Wintzell & Fried wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Products: CAS:
Ammonium tetrafluoroborate 13826-83-0
Ammonium fluozirconate 16919-31-6
Ammonium bifluoride 1341-49-7
Anhydrous potassiumfluoride 7789-23-3
Barium fluoride 7787-32-8
Chromic fluoride 7788-97-8
Potassium fluorotitanate 16919-27-0
Potassium fluorozirconate 16923-95-8
Potassium fluoroluminate 14484-69-6




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Available in stock

Product: CAS:
Benzyl alcohol (IBC, 1000 kg) 100-51-6
Benzyl alcohol (drum, 210 kg) 100-51-6
DEHA 85% (drum, 185 kg) 3710-87-7
Butyl stearate (drum, 170 kg) 123-95-5
Menthol Crystals (drum, 25 kg) 2216-51-5
Octane 80 (reference fuel, 54 gallon)  
Potassium tetrafluoroborate (25 kg bags) 14075-53-7
Potassium ferricyanide (25 kg bags) 13746-66-2
Sodium tetrafluoroborate (25 kg bags) 13755-29-8
Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate (25 kg bags) 7320-34-5





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Are you REACH compliant? Or does this sentence give you stress related headache? Be calm... Wintzell & Fried have the solution!

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