Gas odorization – Safety smells!

Do you know why biogas and several bottled gases smell awful? This is due to gas odorants.

The addition of a gas odorant to otherwise odorless gases is done for safety reasons. This enables easy detection in case of a gas leak. Several different gas odorants have one compound in common, Sulfur.

Sulfur is typically found in things we find smelly – for example in Skunk spray! Certain Sulfur compounds are therefore utilized for gas odorization purposes since their distinct odors are easy for us to distinguish. Only trace amounts of these compounds need to be added to the gas to do the job. So, for gas odorants, the smellier the better!

Wintzell & Fried offers gas odorization solutions for gas facilities in the Baltics and the Nordic countries. We provide THT, Ethyl Mercaptan, and Mercaptan Mix, so contact us if you think this might suit your company’s needs. 

PS: During 2024, Wintzell & Fried will offer new customers a special deal.


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