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Partner up with one of the top suppliers of gas odorization solutions for biogas facilities in the Nordic area. Ever since the 1980s, the setup has been refined for utmost safety, precision and efficiency. As your odorant levels dip—we’re already in action.

We simplify safety and compliance

Odorization, the critical process of adding a distinct smell to otherwise odorless gases like biogas or propane, is vital for safety and leak detection. Understanding the complex nature of biogas facilities, we provide safe, effective and adaptable solutions that can be integrated into any system—anywhere.

Our team swiftly manages the entire process, from retrieving the empty containers to delivering fully replenished ones. To us, it’s not just about keeping your business running; it’s about ensuring a fluid, worry-free experience that lets you focus on what you do best.

The W&F gas odorization setup

1. Order your first drum

Place your order, and we’ll take it from there. You’ll receive a booking confirmation along with pick-up details. Then, just sit back and anticipate the arrival of your delivery.

2. Receive and install drum

Your delivery will include everything you need for a seamless installation. Once the drum is set up correctly, you’re good to go.

3. Running low? Reach out!

When your supply begins to run short, contact us to arrange a refill. Prepare the documents and expect your odorization levels replenished in no-time.

4. Receive new drum and return old

When your new drum is delivered, simply swap it with the old one. We provide straightforward instructions for repacking the empty drum, and we’ll pick it up, hassle-free.

Odor solutions to match your needs

Different applications require specific odorants. The ready-to-connect solutions we provide, ensure precise alignment with your unique requirements, assuring compliance with industry standards.

Questions about our odorization services? Find your answers here:

How can I get started with Wintzell & Fried’s gas odorization services?

Request a quote through the form above or contact us at or +46 (0)31 880100. Our team will guide you through the process and answer any further questions you might have.

How does the replenishment process work?

When your odorant levels are low, simply inform us. We will pick up the empty containers and replace them with full ones, usually within a two-week timeframe.

How long has Wintzell & Fried been involved in the gas odorization business?

We have been providing gas odorization solutions since the 1980s, constantly evolving our offerings to meet the industry’s changing needs.

What is odorization and why is it important?

Odorization is the process of adding a distinct smell to odorless gases like biogas or propane. This is crucial for safety, as it enables easy detection of gas leaks.

What types of gas odorants does Wintzell & Fried provide?

We primarily provide THT, Ethyl Mercaptan, and Mercaptan Mix, all known for their effectiveness in odorization.

Request quote now and speed up delivery

Let us know what you need, and we’ll respond swiftly—typically within one business day. The more details you provide upfront, the quicker we can assist you. Rest assured, your inquiry will receive our full attention.

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