REACH Registered Products

Name: CAS:
Ammonium tetrafluoroborate 13826-83-0
Sodium tetrafluoroborate 13755-29-8
Potassium tetrafluoroborate 14075-53-7
Sodium hypophosphite 10039-56-2
Hypophosphorous acid 50% 6303-21-5
Sodium fluorosilicate 16893-85-9




Product segments

  • Electronic chemicals, fine chemicals and specialty chemicals
  • Surface treatment chemicals
  • Metal derivates
  • Food additives
  • Special luminescent pigments
  • Organic custom synthesized chemicals





Electronic, fine and speciality chemicals

Wintzell & Fried offers over 500 products in the categories Electronic Chemicals, Fine Chemicals and Speciality Chemicals. For example, our portfolio includes Electronic Chemicals products for production of semi-conductors and microchips. Speciality Chemicals for applications within a variety of areas as sealants and adhesives to emission catalyst for the automotive industry. We also offer Fine Chemicals with high-quality and high-purity for applications in research, additives and pharmaceuticals.


Surface treatment

Wintzell & Fried has over 30 years of experience of Chemicals for Surface Treatment and offers a wide range of products. They are mainly used by the Engineering and the Surface Treatment industries. For example, Metal Surface treatment for products to the Automotive industry.


Metal derivatives

Wintzell & Fried offers a wide range of metal derivatives for exampple metal oxides and inorganic salts. Mainly used in industires such as glass, ceramics, pgiments, catalysts, surface treatment, paints and coatings. 


Food additives

Wintzell & Fried offers serveral products for the Food industy. It is mostly phospahtes but also other products with a certain quality requirement.

Luminescent pigments

Wintzell & Fried offers several Luminscent pigments. Our portfolio includes after-glowing Phosphorescent pigments. These pigments can be found in safety-passage way-and exit guidance systems in public buildings, hospitals, factories, stations and tunnels, as well as on trains, airplanes and ships. We also offer Fluorescent pigments for security application, emit light when excited by an energy source. 

Organic custom synthesized chemicals

By request Wintzell & Fried together with our global network can help our customers with development and production of organic custom synthesized chemicals. Usually used as raw material to pharma or semi pharma products. We offer all types of packaging and volumes or overall solutions.  


Metal derivatives


Name CAS Application
Bitmuth oxide 1304-76-3 Lead oxide replacment for glass, ceramics
Tin oxide 1332-29-2 Precursor for ITO condutive glass
Copper oxide 1317-38-0 Copper precursor in plating
Cobalt oxide 1308-06-1 Pigment in glass and ceramics
Nickel oxide 1313-99-1 Pigment in glass and ceramics



Name CAS Application
Aluminium nitrate 7784-27-2 Surface treatment, catalysts
Ferric nitrate 7782-61-8 Surface treatment, catalysts
Nickel nitrate 13478-00-7 Precursor in Nickel catalysts, electroplating
Cobalt nitrate 10026-22-9 Metal surface treatment, ceramics and batteries
Bismuth nitrate 1304-85-4 Surface treatment, catalysts
Cobalt sulphate 10026-24-1 Electroplating, ceramics, catalysts
Nickel sulphate 10101-97-0 Metal surface finishing, coating in ceramics
Cobalt chloride 7791-13-1 Metal surface treatment, pigments and ceramics
Nickel chloride 7791-20-0 Metal surface finishing, electroplating, catalysts
Nickel carbonate 12054-48-7 Pigments and catalysts
Cobalt carbonate 513-79-1 Pigments and catalysts
Bismuth carbonate 16508-95-5 Surface treatment, catalysts



New Products on Request

Name: CAS:
Ammonium fluorotitanate 16962-40-6
Ammonium fluozirconate 16919-31-6
Ammonium bifluoride 1341-49-7
Anhydrous potassiumfluoride 7789-23-3
Barium fluoride 7787-32-8
Chromic fluoride 7788-97-8
Potassium fluorotitanate 16919-27-0
Potassium fluorozirconate 16923-95-8
Potassium fluoroluminate 14484-69-6
Potassium bifluoride 7789-29-9
Tetrafluoroboric acid 16872-11-0
Fluozirconic acid 12021-95-3
Fluotitanic acid 17439-11-1
Fluorosilicic acid 16961-83-4
Hydrofluoric acid 7664-39-3
Strontium fluoride 7783-48-4
Lithium fluoride 7789-24-4
Lithium fluoroborate 14283-07-9
Potassium tetraborate 12045-78-2
Sodium bifluorid 1333-83-1




Available in stock

Product: CAS:
Benzyl alcohol (IBC, 1000 kg) 100-51-6
Benzyl alcohol (drum, 210 kg) 100-51-6
DEHA 85% (drum, 185 kg) 3710-87-7
Butyl stearate (drum, 170 kg) 123-95-5
Menthol Crystals (drum, 25 kg) 2216-51-5
Potassium tetrafluoroborate (25 kg bags) 14075-53-7
Potassium ferricyanide (25 kg bags) 13746-66-2
Sodium tetrafluoroborate (25 kg bags) 13755-29-8
Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate (25 kg bags) 7320-34-5


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