Glass fibres and tetrafluoroborates

Glass fibres have been an important reinforcement material for quite some time now. Learn more about W&Fs part of the process.

The production of glass wool, used for building insulation, started in the 1930s. Since then, glass fibres have been used to reinforce all kinds of things from textiles and sport equipment to car bodies and wind turbine blades.  

During production of glass fibre, a process called sizing can be utilized. In the process of sizing, a coating is applied to the glass fibres to increase their strength and toughness. The coating also helps the glass fibres to better adhere to the resin in which it may later be mixed. Ammonium and sodium tetrafluoroborate can be used as ingredients in this coating.

W&F offer both sodium and ammonium tetrafluoroborate. Both substances are REACH-registered by W&F and – by the way – we are the only REACH-registrant for ammonium tetrafluoroborate. So if you are an European company in need of ammonium tetrafluoroborate, we are the only ones who are allowed to import larger quantaties into the EU.


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