Semiconductors – Makes the world go around!

One of our most abundant elements in the world are essential to our electronic devices - you all know what it is - Silicon!

Silicon is the 14th element in the periodic table. It belongs to a group of elements that often want to form large molecular structures with itself. In the same way carbon forms diamond and graphene, silicon can form wast networks of silicon atoms. This is utilized when using it for microchips.

To make a microchip, you need silicon wafers as your base. Then, layer by layer, and by utilizing the method of photolithography, you can start to manipulate your surface and form different structures in each layer – forming microchips. By utilizing the semiconductor properties of silicon and tweaking the matrix of silicon atoms, doping the silicon, we have learnt to use it to our advantage and form transistors. These transistors are now down to nanoscale in size. This has been essential for our electronic devices being as small as they are.

At Wintzell & Fried we offer products for electronic and semiconductor production e.g. TechniStrip®, TechniEtch and TechniClean from Technic Inc.

Silicon is the element which sets the foundation of the electronic devices we all have in our daily life. This has truly changed the world. Silicon definitely makes our world go around!

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