2021-02-02 11:00:00

Happy New Year! 新年快乐 and 春节快乐 Soon it is time for the annual Spring Festival in China, This year it is The year of the Ox, with the element metal. Oxen are honest and earnest. Due to COVID-19 and the Spring Festival there is now a non-equilibrium in the trade patterns, which has increased shipping costs and delivery time from China. #chinesespringfestival #yearoftheox #newyear #china

2021-01-20 09:00:00

Wintzell & Fried has now upgraded the REACH registrations for sodium hypophosphite (SHP) and hypophosphorous acid 50% (HPA) to <1000 MT. These chemicals are being used in e.g. electroplating, in polymer and glass fiber production and many other chemical processes. For more information or a quote, please contact us. We are here to help you!

2020-12-17 10:00:00

Wintzell & Fried wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2020-05-26 12:00:00

The tetrafluoroborate anion is a molecule that is symmetrical, inert, lipophilic and weakly coordinating. It is often used in ionic liquids and have a high performance and thermal stability for e.g. electric double layer capacitor applications, but also used in improving the performance in perovskite solar cells. We at W&F can offer three different tetrafluoroborate compounds: ammonium tetrafluoroborate, sodium tetrafluoroborate and potassium tetrafluoroborate.

Please contact us for further details!

2020-03-30 12:00:00

The time is out of joint! In these Corona times Wintzell & Fried are available as ususal. Currently the delivery times can be a bit longer, but apart from that we are doing our best to meet the demands from our customers. Wishing everyone a great week and stay safe!

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