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With W&F as your European chemical distributor, you never need to stand in line for your next delivery.

We’ve got you covered

Tailored supply-chain solutions

What you need, when you need it.

Great storage capacity

We ensure your chemicals are in stock.

Accessible on your terms

One dedicated team at your service.

30 years of innovating chemical distribution

Get to know our tight-knit team based in Sweden, supported by a vast network across the seas. Always ahead of the curve, constantly making waves in the chemical distribution sector. Welcome to join us on this journey.

A wide range of products…

We are steadfast in our mission: to be the shortest route to the right chemical and the simplest path to a successful deal. The diverse selection of regulatory compliant, top-quality products we offer makes us a trusted distributor for industries all across Europe.

…perfectly suited to your business needs

The industries we serve

For the last decades we’ve been fine-tuning our services to fit your industry’s needs. Rely on us for the right chemical solutions to excel in your field.

Gas odorization on demand

Ever since the 1980s, the solid odorization setup we provide has been refined for utmost safety, precision and efficiency.

We walk the walk

Clear communication, strategic vision, and steadfast commitment to our promises forge lasting bonds with our partners. Our rigorous standards for safety are a testament to this ethos, reflecting our dedication not just to the quality of our products but to the well-being of people and the planet we share.

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25 April 2024
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19 March 2024
Semiconductors – Makes the world go around!

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